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Causes other nearby monsters to target the cursed monster. Stackable.
Amplify Damage
Increases the amount of physical damage received. Will cause most physical immunes to loose their PI, unless they have more than 100% immunity.
Blood Mana
This curse is only cast by succubus-type monsters and Baal. It causes magic users to lose life whenever they cast spells. However much mana you use to cast the spell, you will take the same amount of damage, reducing your life points.
This curse causes the cursed monster to attack random targets.
Reduces the defense and resistances of the cursed creature.
Reduces the speed, damage and physical resistance of the cursed creature by 50%.
Dim Vision
Decreases the radius of awareness of the cursed monster, causing it to not see you unless you are very close to it. Causes ranged attackers to not shoot at you if you are not next to them.
Holy Freeze
Freezes or slows nearby creatures.
Inner Sight
Illuminates monsters and decreases their ability to defend themselves.
Iron Maiden
Physical melee damage dealt is multiplied and returned to the attacker. So, if you've been cursed with this, every time you hit a monster you will lose health.
Life Tap
There's two explanations of this:
1. Any monster that is STRUCK by physical damage, while under this curse, adds 50% of the damage RECEIVED to the monster to the attackers life pool.
2. Basically life leech. It's like wearing a 50% Life Leech ring.
Lower Resist
Reduces fire, lightning, cold, poison, and magic resistance of the cursed creature. Will cause some elemental or physical immunes to lose their immunities.
Lower Defense
This curse is only cast by succubus-type creatures, and lowers your character's defense.
Cursed monsters run away in fear.
Decreases the amount of damage caused by the cursed creature.