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Game Play Tips

Simulating Extra Players
  • Simulating players works in single player, open battle.net and TCP/IP games only.
  • It increases the Monster Difficulty, Experience, and Item Drops.
  • It can be reset at any time during the game, to make it harder or easier.

How To Simulate Extra Players:
Once you've started a game, hit the Enter key, which will open the message box. In that box, type in "/players X" (without the quotes), where X is a number between 1 and 8. Then hit enter again to close the message box. You will NOT get any indication from the game that it has been set, or that it is working. However, you should notice that monsters will be harder to kill, you should get more experience, and more items should be dropped. To turn it off, re-enter it with a lower number.
Thanks to everyone who let me know if this was working in the v1.10 patch. It is, and once you type it in and hit enter, you should get a message saying "Players have been set to X". I appreciate the help!
Your character can carry 10,000 gold per level.
The amount of gold you can store in your stash is determined by character level
Level Max Gold in Stash
1-9 50,000
10-19 100,000
20-29 150,000
30 200,000
31 800,000
32-33 850,000
34-35 900,000
36-37 950,000
38-39 1,000,000
40-41 1,050,000
42-43 1,100,000
44-45 1,150,000
46-47 1,200,000
48-49 1,250,000
50-51 1,300,000
52-53 1,350,000
54-55 1,400,000
56-57 1,450,000
58-59 1,500,000
60-61 1,550,000
62-63 1,600,000
64-65 1,650,000
66-67 1,700,000
68-69 1,750,000
70-71 1,800,000
72-73 1,850,000
74-75 1,900,000
76-77 1,950,000
78-79 2,000,000
80-81 2,050,000
82-83 2,100,000
84-85 2,150,000
86-87 2,200,000
88-89 2,250,000
90-91 2,300,000
92-93 2,350,000
94-95 2,400,000
96-97 2,450,000
98-99 2,500,000
Non-Random Areas
Some areas of the game are not random; these areas will have the same layout in every game:
Act I Cave in the Cold Plains
Forgotten Tower, level 5 (only two variations)
Inner Cloister
Catacombs, level 4
Act II Some of the Palace levels
Duriel's lair
Act III Kurast Causeway
Sewer, level 2
Durance of Hate, level 3
Act IV Chaos Sanctuary
Act V Bloody Foothills
Nihlathak's Temple
Arreat Summit
Throne of Destruction
Worldstone Chamber

Characters and Hirelings
A character's (and your hireling's) starting resistances to fire, lightning, cold, and poison is dependant on the difficulty level of the game:
Normal: 0 to all resistances
Nightmare: -50 to all resistances
Hell: -100 to all resistances
Your character does not gain experience points by killing a monster which has been raised by other monsters; you only get experience for one kill.
While running, melee monsters that are within range, have a 95% chance of hitting you. When walking, the chance to hit for melee monsters is determined by your character level, the monster level, and your defense rating.
Hired mercenaries are only available in Acts I, II, and III. ..and Act V, if you're playing the Expansion.
In Act IV, you're on your own!..altho, if you hired a mercenary in a previous act, and he dies, you can resurrect him from Tyrael.
Heavier armor will drain stamina faster and reduce your run/walk speed.
Ethereal items are good to give to your hirelings, since ethereal items do not lose durability when used by a hireling.
A way to be safe while your mercenary attacks a monster. Walk back into town, when you have a monster following you. Then stand just inside the entrance to town, and your mercenary will continue to attack the monster, while you stand safely in town.
Nightmare and Hell Games
Nightmare Games
monster levels are increased by 33
all monster skill levels are increased by 3 points
monsters begin having immunities
all Unique monsters gain one bonus ability
Hell Games
monster levels are increased by 66
all monster skill levels are increased by 7 points
all Unique monsters gain two bonus abilities
Party members share experience when they are in the same level; the character who delivers the final blow to the monster will receive an experience bonus of 10%.
When gold is picked up by a character in a party, the gold is evenly distributed among the party members, if all party members are in the same area.
The total experience for killing a monster is increased by 35% when there is another party member in the same area (as indicated by the area name on the automap), and the experience is divided between all party members in the area. With more players in the game, the monsters will be more difficult to kill and have higher hit points, but your character will receive more experience points for killing them.
The maximum amount of gold that a vendor will pay in Normal games is determined by Act. In Nightmare and Hell games, the maximum amount is the same for all Acts.
Normal games:
Act I: 5000 gold
Act II: 10,000 gold
Act III: 15,000 gold
Act IV:20,000 gold
Act V: 25,000
Nightmare games: 30,000 gold
Hell games: 35,000 gold
A vendor's inventory will be reset after all players have left town, or if a vendor has not traded with any character for four minutes.
A vendor's inventory is affected by the Act, the game difficulty and the level of your character.
You do not receive more gold for an item, if you repair it before selling it.
  • You can gamble in each town for unidentified items
  • The item will be identified when you purchase it
  • The gambling inventory is tied to your character level
  • The price for gambling each item goes up as your character level goes up
  • All items will display as Normal items, even tho they may be Exceptional, Rare, Unique, or Set Items
  • Not all items in the game are available for gambling
  • The items available are +5 levels to -4 levels of the character's level
  • Items available for gambling are not affected by the number of players in the game, the Act that you are in, or the difficulty level of the game
Dying -- Experience Loss
In Nightmare games, you lose 5% of the difference between your current experience level and the next level. In Hell games, you lose 10% of the difference between your current experience level and the next level. However, if you retrieve your corpse where you died in Nightmare and Hell, you will regain 75% of the lost experience points.
Dying -- Gold Loss
When you die, you will lose a percentage of your total gold (on your character and in your stash). The amount is equal to your character level, but will not exceed 20% of your total gold. In single player games, no gold is lost from your stash, and 500 gold per character level is exempt from the penalty.
Quick Key Combinations
  • Hold down shift and right-click when buying potions, to auto-fill any empty slots in your belt.
  • Hold down shift and right-click when buying scrolls, to auto-fill any unfilled tomes in your inventory.
  • Hold down shift and left-click on portions in your inventory, to auto-move them to your belt.
  • Hold down shift and right-click on potions in your belt, to give the potion to your hireling.
Magic Find
  • More players in the game does increase the total number of item drops, but they aren't necessarily magic items
  • Character level has no effect on item drops
  • Magic Find does not affect the frequency of finding jewels or charms
  • Higher magic find will increase your chance of getting rare jewels.
  • Magic Find does not affect runes in any way
  • Magic Find does not affect gambling
Your hireling's amount of magic find does not help you, but the amount of magic find that you have does affect your hireling.
If your hireling has 25% magic find, and you have 100% magic find, then your actual magic find is 100%, and your hireling's actual magic find is 125%.

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