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Shrines and Pools
shrine shrine shrine
shrine shrine pool

Shrines are different than they were in Diablo I.  They now act as a "power-up" that temporarily increase various attributes or skills of your character, or refill your mana, health, or stamina.  Shrines now come in a variety of styles, as shown above.

IconNameAction Recharge?
ArmorShrineArmor+ 100% to Defense Rating, for 96 secondsYes
5 minutes
CombatShrineCombat+200% to Attack Rating and +200% to Minumum and Maximum Damage, for 96 seconds Yes
5 minutes
ExperienceShrineExperience50% more experience per kill, for 144 secondsNo
no iconExplodingCreates an explosion and drops 5-10 exploding potionsNo
no iconFireCreates a ring of fireballs, that cause all players and monsters in the area to lose 1/2 of their HitPointsNo
no iconGemUpgrades one gem or skull from inventory and drops it on the ground;  if you don't have a gem, drops a chipped gem or chipped skull. No
no iconHealthFully refills your healthYes
2 minutes
no iconManaFully refills your manaYes
2 minutes
ManaRechargeMana recharge+400% Mana regeneration, for 96 secondsYes
5 minutes
no iconMonsternearest enemy becomes a unique or championNo
no iconPoisonCreates a cloud of poison, and drops 5-10 poison gas potionsNo
no iconPortalOpens a permanent town portalNo
no iconRefillingFully refills mana and healthYes
2 minutes
ResistColdResist ColdIncreases cold resistance by 75%, for 144 secondsYes
5 minutes
ResistFireResist FireIncreases fire resistance by 75%, for 144 secondsYes
5 minutes
 Resist LightningIncreases lightning resistance by 75%, for 144 secondsYes
5 minutes
 Resist PoisonIncreases poison resistance by 75%, for 144 secondsYes
5 minutes
SkillShrineSkill+2 to all skill levels, for 96 secondsYes
5 minutes
StaminaShrineStaminaGives you unlimited stamina, for 192 secondsYes
5 minutes
no iconWellsRefills life, mana, stamina, removes curses, and cures poisoning. It will also heal your mercenaries and minions.Yes

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