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Act I Quests -- The Sightless Eye
Act II Quests -- The Secret of the Vizjerei
Act III Quests -- The Infernal Gate
Act IV Quests -- The Harrowing
Act V Quests -- Destruction's End
The Secret Cow Level
Diablo II Quest Guide from phr0ze

  • Quests are the same for both single and multiplayer games.
  • Once a quest has been activated, the quest (and any items associated with it that are in the character's inventory) will be saved when you exit the game.
  • The final quest in each Act must be completed in order to move to the next Act.
  • If you should forget what the purpose of your current quest is, open the Quest Log, where you can see both the quest objective, and also the information from the townsperson who gave you the quest.
  • In a multiplayer game, only the quests that the game creator has not finished are available.
  • As rumored, secret rooms *do* exist. They have been found in each of the three levels of the Jail in Act I. They are usually a square room, with no apparent openings; although it is sometimes possible to see chests and gold on the other side of the walls. Just keep clicking on the walls around the room, to find the secret opening.
  • There may also be secret rooms in the Palace cellars and the Tombs in Act II, and possibly in the Sewers and in some of the tombs of Act III, but so far the only rooms that have been found were in the Jail levels of Act I.

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