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Act V Quests
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Printable version of Act V Quests

Siege on Harrogath
Quest Icon
Quest Given By
Quest Location
Bloody Foothills
Quest Goal
kill Shenk the Overseer
Quest Reward
add a socket to an item
How to get there: Harrogath (W) Bloody Foothills
(W) indicates a Waypoint location
To activate this quest, talk to Larzuk the Blacksmith, and he will tell you that you have to prove yourself by killing Shenk. He will be found towards the end of the Bloody Foothills, surrounded by minions. Return to town, and Larzuk will socket an item for you. Like the Charsi's Hammer quest in Act I, you can wait and socket your item later in the game, if you desire. He will add the maximum number of sockets possible to the item you give him. You cannot use any of these items: already socketed items, rune word items, items that don't allow sockets (belts, rings, gloves, amulets).Magic items will receive 1 or 2 sockets;, Uniques, Set, Crafted, and Rare items will get 1 socket added.


Shenk and his friends

Shenk Dying

Rescue on Mount Arreat
Quest Icon
Quest Given By
Quest Location
Frigid Highlands
Quest Goal
Release the imprisoned Barbarians
Quest Reward
Ability to hire Barbarians, and 3 Runes
How to get there: Harrogath (W) Bloody Foothills Frigid Highlands (W)
(W) indicates a Waypoint location
Speak with Qual-Kehk to activate the second quest. He will tell you that his men are imprisoned on Mount Arreat, and ask you to find and release them. In the Frigid Highlands you will find 15 captive Barbarians, in 3 groups of 5, held in wooden pens. You must break open the gate to release them. After you have released all of them, return to town and talk to Qual-Kehk. He will tell you that you can now hire Barbarian mercenaries to help you, and he will also give you 3 runes: Tal, Ral, and Ort. These three runes combine together to make a Rune Word, when inserted into a socketed shield in the correct order ( first Ral, then Ort, then Tal). You will get the Ancients Pledge, which has +43% Resist All, 110% Damage taken goes to Mana, and +50% Damage.

Barbarian Jail

Another Barbarian Jail

Prison of Ice
Quest Icon
Quest Given By
Quest Location
Crystalline Passage, Frozen River
Quest Goal
rescue Anya
Quest Reward
+10 to all resistances, and a rare, class-specific item
How to get there: Harrogath (W) Bloody Foothills Frigid Highlands (W) Arreat Plateau (W) Crystalline Passage (W) Frozen River
(W) indicates a Waypoint location
Talk to Malah to start this quest. She will tell you that Anya is missing, that she is worried about her, and believes that Nihlathak is involved. All the other folks in town suspect him as well. You will find Anya enclosed in ice by the Frozen River. Talk to her, and she will tell you to go back to town and speak with Malah. Malah will give you a special thawing potion, which you can use to release Anya. She will open a portal to town (one that you can't use), and leave. Before you go back to town, be sure to find the waypoint in the Crystalline Passage; otherwise, you'll have a lot of walking to do later on. When you return to town, and be sure to speak to both Malah and Anya. Malah will give you a scroll that permanently adds +10% to all your resistances. Anya will give you a rare, class-specific item. Also, you can now go to Anya to gamble, since Nihlathak is gone.

Frozen Anya

Anya Melting

Betrayal of Harrogath
Quest Icon
Quest Given By
Quest Location
Nihlathak's Temple
Quest Goal
kill Nihlathak
Quest Reward
item personalization from Malah
How to get there: Harrogath (W) Portal to Nihlathak's Temple Halls of Anguish Halls of Pain (W) Halls of Vaught
(W) indicates a Waypoint location
After you rescue Anya, she will tell you that she was trying to stop Nihlathak from giving Baal the Relic of the Ancients. She opens a portal to his temple and asks you to go there and kill Nihlathak. The portal is the only way to get to this area. Once you get to Nihlathak's Temple, you will find him on the third level, surrounded by minions. He likes to use corpse explosion. Once he's been taken care of, return to town and speak to Anya. She will tell you that Nihlathak had already given the Relic of the Ancients to Baal, but to show her appreciation for your attempt, she will personalize an item for you. It appears to work with any item in the game, no matter if it is normal, magical, rare, unique, set or a rune-word item.

Nihlathak's Portal

Nihlathak's Temple

Nihlathak Dying

Rite of Passage
Quest Icon
Quest Given By
Quest Location
Arreat Summit
Quest Goal
eliminate the three Ancients
Quest Reward
Lots of experience points, depending on difficulty level
How to get there: Harrogath (W) Bloody Foothills Frigid Highlands (W) Arreat Plateau (W) Crystalline Passage (W) Glacial Trail (W) Frozen Tundra (W) Ancient's Way (W) Arreat Summit
(W) indicates a Waypoint location
This quest is activated when you reach the Ancient's Way; the next time you return to town, Qual-Kehk will tell you about it. He will tell you that it is protected by the Ancient Ones, three statues that guard the Worldstone Keep. Click on the altar, and you will hear 3 voices speaking; when they have finished, the statues will come to life, and try to kill you. They are all Barbarians, using a variety of Barbarian skills. You must kill all three Ancients without leaving the area. If you leave, or if someone casts a town portal to either return to town, or to bring someone else into the area, they will turn back into statues and regain all their hit points. Since the stairs out of the area are blocked once you reach the summit, a portal is the only way out. If someone in your party dies during the battle, they cannot try to come and retrieve their corpse until the Ancients have been killed, or else they will return to statue form. Also, to keep cheaters from bringing in low-level characters into this area just to level them up, your character has to be at least level 20 for normal, 40 for nightmare, or 60 for hell, in order to get credit for completing this quest.

The Ancients

Coming to Life

Worldstone Keep Entrance

Eve of Destruction
Quest Icon
Quest Given By
Qual-Kehk, the Ancients
Quest Location
Throne of Destruction
Quest Goal
kill Baal
Quest Reward
items dropped by Baal, complete the game, new title for your character
How to get there: Harrogath (W) Bloody Foothills Frigid Highlands (W) Arreat Plateau (W) Crystalline Passage (W) Glacial Trail (W) Frozen Tundra (W) Ancient's Way (W) Arreat Summit Worldstone Keep (W - level 2) Throne of Destruction Worldstone Chamber
(W) indicates a Waypoint location
Speak to Qual-Kehk to start the final quest. Fight your way through the 3 levels of the Worldstone Keep, then the Throne of Destruction level to Baal's Throneroom. The annyoing part of this quest is that Baal will constantly laugh at you while you are trying to kill his minions. He will create 5 Unique monsters, complete with minions, one at a time. Each one of these Guardians is different, with different attributes. You will meet Colenzo the Annihilator, Achmel the Cursed, Bartuc the Bloody, Ventar the Unholy, and Lister the Tormentor. After you have taken care of his Guardians, Baal will vanish through a portal behind the throne. Follow him down into the Worldstone Room. Now all you have to do is kill him. Once you do, Tyrael will appear and tell you that although you have defeated Baal, the Worldstone has been corrupted, and the barriers between the two worlds will eventually break, unless he destoys the Worldstone. He will open a portal for you, and then everything will start shaking. Go through the portal to see the Game Complete screen and the closing movie.

Baal's Throneroom

Baal Dying


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