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Screenshots from Act I

A paladin and sorceress in the Outer Cloister

A sorceress uses inferno to clear the Tower of the Countess

In Tristram, a necromancer rescues Cain

A barbarian in a development shot of town

In the Tamoe Highland, a druid uses his wolf against fallen

An amazon uses freezing arrow in the caves

A paladin meets zombies in the Cold Plains

Blood hawks die as a result of a sorceress' fire ball

A sorceress lights up a cave of dark rangers with her firewall

An amazon in the Cold Plains

A paladin meets skeletons in the Outer Cloister

An amazon crosses a bridge to the Black Marsh

A druid bowling for devil kin

A druid uses his ravens again Blood Raven

An assassin in the Cold Plains meets dark hunters

An amazon clears the Tamoe Highland of fallen and blood hawks

A druid's tornado in the Stony Field

Static field in the Cold Plains

A necromancer in the Stony Field

An amazon's power strike takes out fallen in the Blood Moor

A strategy meeting in camp

A necromancer uses amplify damage against fallen

A paladin in the Cathedral

A sorceress uses frost nova in the Blood Moor

A barbarian bashes skeletons in the Cathedral

A necromancer visits the Dark Wood

An amazon in the Den of Evil

A barbarian fights goat boys in Tristram

A barbarian battles Griswold

A barbarian battles Griswold

This druid finds uniques everywhere in the Black Marsh

The waypoint and a resist cold shrine in the Outer Cloister

An amazon in the catacombs

A resist lightning shrine in the catacombs

The quest log for Andariel

An amazon in the catacombs

An amazon in the catacombs

An amazon in the catacombs

An amazon in the catacombs

An amazon in the catacombs

An amazon in the catacombs

An amazon admires Andariel's throne

Tristram portal activation with bark scroll opened

A druid uses his bear in the Black Marsh

killing a group of monsters

A necromancer fights Bishibosh

screenshot from the into movie

Getting ready for battle

In camp, and ready to go

I wasted two of my friends zons with too much ease

me kicking the shit out of 5 guys

Check out my Defense Rating

Trang'Ouls whole set!

Helping my friend Translate his Windforces

Die you Six Armed Gordo Wife Wannabe!

Battling Andariel

This shows how messed up bnet can be sometimes...

The ultimate guided arrow

rocco's sorc

rocco's sorc

Checking out someone's Buged Zephyr

Using Tiger Strike to take out Blood Raven

A real good look at Andariel!

Andariel Dead!

Gheed is a pothead!

A perfect example of Amazon ownage!

Bathed in gold!!

Firey Pentagram.

What a great Battle!

Two Necromancer's Making a Mess.

Dang rat men..


Bone Cage

Murder...I lost. (I'm MegaDeth)


tristram revealed!

A chicken attacking my amazon just outside the rogue camp!

My Sorceress with a frozen Brute.

i couldn't have all this price in level 35

My lvl 12 Barb in the Stony Field.

I'm in den of evil but map says I'm in cave level 1

My lvl 96 zon meeting diablo in stoney field. He did die, and I did get my charm!

Complete Tal Set bonuses.

ummm glitch maybe? its weird, im using a warcry and its messed

Dont mess with the Bear...

Barbarian is going to the secret cow lvl!!!

Necro wants to kill andariel...

Nerco with his poison dagger showes Andariel the meaning of real poison...

A bear in the village!!!

Act1 Camp Coverd in Gold Laggiest Game Ever Where am I?

my new 6-socket maul .Finally

wow a staff 4 a hell playa iron-jang-bong

Merc's can have it better than us!

Wow i guess the countess really was a little rich.... a what the heck the necro can have it

trapped in a building on fire

barb standing on a cloud with a hole in it

sorc line no more of these in 1.10 :-(

sorc with umbrella and marshmallow roasting barbs

a valkyrie stabs cain in the face

freaky zon corpse

that pally has a cool helm

how many whirlwinding barbs r in this picture? 3? 4? 5!? or is it2?

is that mana shield on fire?

thats tweaked

now thats a lag...or did i die in camp?

Bored, Very Bored, Extremely Bored, but i bet you have done this before


AI-Clan Kickass

A Sorceress killed Andariel!!


My hybrid zon killin d clone at lvl 75

cool loking summon with fire golem dehind him

the prize after anderial death ... not a bad days work.

wtf i didn't know bones can burn

My barb slaugtering Ooze Fang the Slayer

Crazy battle in the Catacombs!

Running along the bridge

My barb killing stuff

My barb kills stuff.

My barb killing a black rogue

Now thats an undead army!

I think I'm stuck.

Quite a good resistances for a lvl 6

My barb before deleting

Cool Effect Called Delerium


kasha doesnt have a lot to say eh?

er...got bored and decided to make this...its evil on all lvls

Diablo walks the earth !

lol there is alot of tps


hacked?? Really!!

Full stone HERE!


did some creepies to change the townportals place :D

Fire and Ice

Apparently she's not too chatty today.

Andariel dies on Nightmare difficulty. See my hireling out of the way!

Barb discovers fire

Barb Makes his move

Barb Discovers Fire


Something funny happened...

major ownage!

Even on Nightmare mode, the hurricane crushes the pitfull zombies

Are they twin pallies or do they just want us to think that??!!??

Don't mess with me boyz!!

There's an invisible guy there u can still c his shadow!!!


Is it just me or did I just open two TP's??

Just chatting with the nieghboring tristers...

I'll cut that tree down with my staff!!!!

Hamburgers on the house!!-eh-uh- I mean in- the house!!

The dead have returned from their graves oh dear me what have i gone and done now?...

The true definition of a grill- a thousand dmg per second!!!!


the meteor u see falling is uber D's armagedom

Good shot of uber fire nova

a REAL picture of uber diablo i added my name

A Special Monster in the Den of Evil and not CORPSEFIRE !

A Great Fight


Bloody Floor

Tp to town!

Look at my face!

wtf? Clones

Do u have this "ring"???

A field of gold!!

Let's show em who's boss!!

WOW A LVL 99 ON NON LADDER WAT A WASTE! to bad shes not on ladder.....

This is hilarious! My friend took this screen shot of ~53 dead worms.

anyone wanna mess with me?

me killing Uber Diablo, i eventually miss picking the charm due to zulmaran

Godly Bone Visage

Bone Fetish from the Delirum runeword


My unique shako :)

Bye Bye Bloody raven

gems for life!

gems for life!

his defence is high and whats up with the great axe and shield?

HAH! Andarial fears the dagger barb! (I'm wielding 2 Heart Carver unique rondels)

Necro King of the undead!

How can Andariel sit on that?

A horde of summoned pets and undead creatures.

chek out my armour!!

check out my stats!!!

14th level and still goin...pretty good for a first time Hardcore Barb

iks baby

some crazy skills

Portal Stones

Me and my friend got bored so well yah =)

Me and my unbeatable army

This is my all mighty and powerful fire golem, bowing to me as the other one turned to a molten boulder.

Should I help Cain?

After being struck, this paladin morphed with the help of delirium!

Two ice socs using ice bolt!-by daniel wang

two sorcs using ice bolts with fires around them!

Hey!!!What's with this animal freak show? :))

im lvl 2 and i do 2k damage!!! howd that happen?

gheedy weedy

There's my Assasin, lvl 37 in Nightmare killing Andariel =D

im dancing - part 1

im dancing - part 2

crappy conversation

im chasein invisable ME

The Tower

Video glitch in act 1

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