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Screenshots of Inventory

Inventory displaying potions and gems

A Grand Scepter of Sorcery -- a bit overpriced

A Lapis Bone Wand -- very overpriced

Stone Flange, Field Plate (rare)

Hellcast, Heavy Crossbow (unique)

Bramble Splitter, Double Axe (rare)

Beast Brand, Gnarled Staff (rare)

Demon Edge, Hand Axe (rare)

Doom Shell, Light Plate (rare)

Bramble Hew, Two-Handed Sword (rare)

Viper Bludgeon, Maul (rare)

Iceblink, Splint Mail (unique)

Fiend Visage, Great Helm (rare)

Loath Mar, Claymore (rare)

Hailstone Emblem, Tower Shield (rare)

Cathan's Visage, Mask (set item)

Grim Edge, Flamberge (rare)

Rune Tread, Greaves (rare)

Blackhorn's Face, Death Mask (unique)

Gavel of Pain, Martel de Fer (unique)

Heart Carver, Rondel (unique)

IthSol superior Blade Talons

4-socketed Composite Bow

Spineripper, Poignard (unique)

Langer Briser, Arbalest (unique)

Igor's Hexfire Shamshir

Staff of Kings and Amulet of the Viper in the Cube

Horadric Staff mutation

Horadric Staff

Waterwalk, Sharkskin Boots (unique)

Superior Yew Wand. This is most likely one of the most expensive items in the game...

Slayer Frodo

The Ultimate Health/Jewel Collection

Charsi Imbue, with an amulet inserted...even tho you can't imbue jewelry

A Foul Bastard Sword

super gloves


Like my P gems?

highest price of an items...

i dont get what is up with this charm, look at the lvl req.

Venomgrip Gloves

The Joker's Herald of Zakarum Gilded Shield

Butcher's Pupil Cleaver with Amn

I was excited when i found this but then i discovered corpsemourne!

Lidless Wall Grim Shield!

The Oculus with IST

The leaf staff.

King's Grace Grand Scepter.

The Stormchaser Shield.

Tal Rasha's Adjudication

windforc,corpsemourn and more all socketed w/max ist

Double Griswolds Redemption ...Its Killing time!

Stormrider - Tabar - this is not good for my amazon, but lvl30 charge bolts is cool

Coldkill - Hatchet - little toy is cool

Cruel Large Siege Bow of the Leech with Amn - wow

Decapitator Axe - Good for Bar,not my amazon

Skystrike - Edge Bow - have fun on lvl6 meteor bow

Lidless Wall - Grim shield - amazing.... but not for amazon

Ring of Performance - great ring *11 and *10 to minimum damage, the ring next to it

6% 40/15 IAS Windforce.

Bartuc's CutThroat Greater Talons

Fleshrender Barbed Club

The Atlantean Ancient Sword

Amadao's Hellslayer Decapitator

Undead Crown, unique

Made the item myself.


the best boots for mf

That guy thought he had alot...Check it...

Mystikal's Stone Song should rank as one of the all-time great Orbs for a sorceress. Check out the +s to the skill tree...! Wonder if I can craft an item using this....phew!


Fara has nothing to sell except the stuff I sold to her!

a very odd item i got while gambling, yaaaa...wonder how much it sells for...

At last the Stone Crusher. If I could only find the Soul Cage then I would complete the set

Suckiest piece of crap ever

f***** good maul!! gosh' i wanted that so much!

thats a real axe!!

What the...?


This is a picture of my friends ear.lol


Ever wondered what happens if an item has too many attributes to fit on the screen?

This a picture of my friends ear. It was hard to kill him.

Awesome crossbow

Pretty Good Def

So cool looking

Hwain's entire set benefits

Beefcake maul.

finally found last part of aldur's set!


Really good one

A Bad Day For Diablo

Ston's Scull Cap

Ultimate gems.

A good sword for any Barbarian mercernary.


Shako of Self Repair

From lvl1 to lvl 14 in less than 3 hours.

How's this for a Sale!

My Barb after a hard days work.

BoneSnap that's a warclub.





unique assasin weapon.

How about this for a plate! Got it off Diablo in Normal.

The first armor i got... Nice when you only are level 2...

This is taken just as a Fetish explodes, whet it's hit by a Freezing Arrow... It's cool the way the coins drops...

Look's like I'm making that Gloam... LOL...

A nice weapon for an Amazon in Act 3 Normal...

Death Mantle Gothic Plate (Rare)

Brimstone Circlet Full Helm (Rare)

Nice Sharkskin Belt...

Wraith Thirst Rondel (Rare)

Cool godly shield I found.

LOL --> all items on the ground

Very damaging and fast caduceus!!!

This is the uber diablo that spawns from the "World Event" in 1.10. Hard as hell to kill.

Cruel sword for my merc, he owns with it.

Battle net screw up LoL

A good item Storm Visage Coronet

my grandfather

my godly stats

Fury Sword!

The GrandFather Colossus Blade :)

This is one of the best amulets

A super ring..!

isnt that awesome??żż

Buriza Power!!!!

Melody Composite Bow

The new Chaos runeword. Isn't it sweet?

My assassin looks sexy in her new armor :D

My new Annihilus charm :)

indestructible cleglaw's tooth

Harlequin Crest - Unique Shako

Wire Fleece with Chains of Honor Runeword

Thats the real weapon...

Look At My DAMAGE!! Cool Eh

immortal king maul i use full set lol

Lighting rules! ;)

a runehorn bow

My Gem Collection

my really good charm

Money money money

The Memory Runeword on a pretty nat Staff to begin with

Probably a bugged item... but a marvelous one

The Honor Runeword, magnificient

Crafted items can turn out really nice

The best Eagle Orb I've seen

Look at the durability on this weapon... I was saddened to sell it.

dire hew scimitar

do u wanna see something real scary???

big bad armor

milabregas set...

Boy this Immortal King maul is awesome!

Here is what delerium looks like

w00t w00t never seen this before

gheeds fortune... good for gambleing and money runs

Sigons set Finally completed!

Delirium on a great barbarian helm. I don't know where the + to all skills comes from, though.

Great bow!

Finally! a decent belt, after playing 44 lvl without a proper one, here it is!

At last!! Natalyas claw is mine!!!!!!

My Tal Rasha's Set has been corrupted by an evil force!

My Tal Rasha's Set has been corrupted by an evil force!

My Tal Rasha's Set has been corrupted by an evil force!

A good poison resist/damage kris. As you see i've still got 95 on poison resist on Nightmare..

My palas!!!

That's a nice little caduceus!

they doubled the word at the end of the line... just like one of my teachers...


lol we all wish we had this cube

Full Aldurs!!!

I got full ik!!!

Tal Rasha's Set!!!

Cain is dead!

Rare Decapitator

interesting name for an Amazon-only spear...

Not so bad armor.. but what shell i socket? hmm

I think this is pretty good damage for my level

WTF this isnt civerb's icon its a hsarus shield

I was suprised as well when I idenified it... :0

look what i found...

War Club!

When prefix and suffix combine. (Hard to believe, not hacked!)

Sigon's Guard Tower Shield

Im chilin out with warriv looking at my ik set (this is my maul)

check out my lvl 76 barb's damage

check out this maul i found!!!

Kick that chicken baby!!

Uuu well that wasn't every nice...

They hunky guyz with them halibards look REALLY cool!!

Full Hwanin's set!! It kinda sucks though...


y do They KEep FOLLOWING ME??!!??!!


Ondal's Wisdom - Unique Elder Staff

Ondal's Wisdom - Unique Elder Staff

Corruption Know - Rare Ring

Wraith Flight - Unique Ghost Glaive

Eschuta's Temper - Unique Eldritch Orb

Sandstorm Trek - Unique Scarabshell Boots

Cryptic Axe with Doom Runeword

Vampire Gaze - Unique Bone Visage

Wyrmhide with Enigma Runeword

Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye - Swirling Crystal (Set Item)

Stoneraven - Unique matriarchal Spear

Mara's Kaleidoscope - Unique Amulet

Kira's Guardian - Unique Tiara

Bonehew - Unique Ogre Axe

Ethereal Edge - Unique Silver-Edged Axe

Scintillating Ring

Rainbow Facet - Unique Jewel

Highlord's Wrath - Unique Amulet

Chromatic Amulet

Raven Visage - Rare Diadem

Jade Talon - Unique Wrist Sword

Thunderstrike - Unique Matriarchal Javelin

Doombringer - Champion Sword with Shael rune

Viperfork - Unique Mancatcher

Doombringer - Unique Champion Sword

The Fetid Sprinkler - Unique Holy Water Sprinkler

Heavenly Garb - Unique Light Plate

Gheeds Fortune - Unique Grand Charm

Atma's Scarab - Unique Amulet

Crafted Item. "Stone Trample" boots.

Battle-Noel's Swordguard Boneweave

This Is The Ultimate Necromancer Wand

I owned at level 5.

Why this isn't in the itemlist?

Good luck getting to this lvl to use them.

This Is My Bonehew...Isn't cool!?


Champion! w00t!! Im so 1337

Godly Ammy1

Godly Ammy2

Ahhhh, quite a nice item for trade. Gotta love that Breath!

I am Champion Sucius now.

Three Tal pieces and a boat load of gems ! ! !

Godly ammy 3

Found this sweet shield in act 4...battle.net realm

Neat crown, beat this!

Ummm, well, a pretty good item, infact the best It is legendary

I like pizza

Godly ammy 3

666 defense is funny. Dont you wish u had 666 defense? My character is possessed by Diablo!


Godly gloves, only lvl 15 - fear the power of D2 v 1.00

my godly armor!

my godly wand!

i have two of these!

The Devil's Boots.

Here is the stormeshield ! one of the best shields..

Here is a Wizardspike, a very good weapon for a sorc !

The Swordguard - Executioner's Sword Unique

Holy Thunder Batman!

nice paly

That's a lot of damage... :)

THAT'S a lot of damage... :)

Beat this armor and you are a nut job


Superior War Staff -- a bit expensive!

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