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Item Suffixes

Modifiers for Jewels and Charms are different.
Jewel Modifiers are here and Charm Modifiers are here
Suffix Properties
Absorption Damage reduced by 3
Acceleration 40% Faster run/walk
Accuracy +6-9 to Dexterity
Ages Indestructible
Alacrity 20% Attack Rate increase
Amelioration Poison length reduced by 50%
Amicae Damage reduced by 8-15
Anima Damage Reduced by 8-15
Anthrax Adds 100 Poison Damage for 6 seconds
Apprentice 10% Faster Cast Rate
Atlas +21-30 to Strength
Balance 10% Faster Hit Recovery
Bashing - 25-40 to Monster Defense per hit
Bat 3-5% Mana stolen per hit
Bear Knockback
Blight Add 50 Poison damage for 3 seconds (Rings/Amulets)
Add 7 Poison damage for 3 seconds (Weapons/Circlets)
Blocking +15% Faster Block Rate
Brilliance +7-10 to Energy
Burning Adds 5-9 minimum and 10-20 maximum Fire Damage
Butchery +21-40 to maximum Damage
Carnage +11-14 to maximum Damage
Centaur + (0.75 per character level) to Life
Chance 5-15% better chance of getting magic item
Colossus +41-60 to Life
Craftsmanship +1 to maximum Damage
Defiance Poison length reduced by 75%
Deflecting +30% Faster Block Rate
Dexterity +1-2 to Dexterity
Ease Requirements -20%
Elephant + (0.5 per character level) to Life and + (0.25 per character level) to Mana
Energy +1-3 to Energy
Enlightenment +21-30 to Energy
Equilibrium 17% Faster Hit Recovery
Evisceration +41-63 to maximum Damage
Excellence +5-8 to minimum Damage
Fast-Repair Repairs Durability
Fire Adds 1-4 minimum and 6-11 maximum to Fire Damage
Flame Adds 1 minimum and 2-6 maximum to Fire Damage
Fortune 16-25% better chance of getting magic item
Fox +6-10 to Life
Frost Adds 1 minimum and 1-2 maximum Cold Damage for 2 seconds
Gargantuan +41-60 to Life
Giant +10-15 to Strength
Glacier Adds 2-4 minimum and 4-15 maximum Cold Damage for 4 seconds
Gore +8-10 to maximum Damage
Greed 25-40% extra gold from monsters
Guarding Magic damage reduced by 3
Haste 20% Faster run/walk
Health Damage reduced by 1
Icicle Adds 1 minimum and 3-4 maximum Cold Damage for 3 seconds
Incineration Adds 10-15 minimum and 21-75 maximum Fire Damage
Jackal +1-5 to Life
Lamprey 7-9% Life Stolen per hit
Leech 3-5% Life stolen per hit
Life Damage reduced by 4-7
Life Everlasting Damage Reduced by 10-25
Light +1 to Light Radius, +15 to Armor Level
Lightning Adds 1 minimum and 9-16 maximum Lightning Damage
Locust 5-7% Life stolen per hit
Luck 26-35% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Magus 20% Faster Cast Rate
Maiming +3-4 to maximum Damage
Mammoth +31-40 to Life
Measure +3-4 to minimum Damage
Memory + (0.5 per character level) to Mana
Might +3-5 to Strength
Mind +4-6 to Energy
Negation Magic damage reduced by 4-6
Nirvana +21-30 to Dexterity
Ox +6-9 to Strength
Pacing 10% Faster run/walk
Perfection +16-20 to Dexterity
Performance +9-14 to minimum Damage
Pestilence Adds 50 Poison Damage for 5 seconds
Piercing Ignores Target's defenses
Precision +10-15 to Dexterity
Propagation Replenishes quantity
Protection Damage reduced by 2
Puncturing - 10-20 to monster Defense per hit
Quality +2 to maximum Damage
Quickness 40% Attack Rate increase
Radiance +3 to Light Radius, +30 to Armor Level
Razors Attacker takes Damage of 7-9
Readiness 10% Attack Rate increase
Regeneration Replenish Life +3-5
Regrowth Replenish Life +6-10
Remedy Poison length reduced by 25%
Replenishing Replenishes Quantity
Revivification Replenish Life +11-15
Self-Repair Repairs Durability
Sentinel Magic damage reduced by 2
Shock Adds 1 minimum and 6-8 maximum Lightning Damage
Simplicity Requirements -30%
Skill +3-5 to Dexterity
Slaughter +15-20 to maximum Damage
Slaying +5-7 to maximum Damage
Sorcery +11-15 to Energy
Speed 30% Faster run/walk
Spikes Attacker takes 4-6 Damage
Squid +61-80 to Life
Stability 24% Faster Hit Recovery
Storms Adds 1-6 minimum and 40-120 maximum Lightning Damage
Strength +1-2 to Strength
Sun +5 to Light Radius, +5% bonus to Armor Level
Swiftness 30% Attack Rate increase
Swords Attacker takes Damage of 10-20
Thawing Half freeze duration
Thorns Attacker takes 1-3 Damage
Thunder Adds 1 minimum and 17-40 maximum Lightning Damage
Tiger +21-30 to Life
Titan +16-20 to Strength
Transcendence +15-20 to minimum Damage
Transportation 30% faster Run/Walk
+80-90% heal Stamina
Traveling 30% Faster run/walk, Heal Stamina +80-90%
Vampire 7-9% Mana stolen per hit
Venom Adds 21Poison Damage for 4 seconds
Vileness Prevents monster heal
Warding Magic damage reduced by 1
Warmth Half Freeze Duration
Wealth 41-80% extra gold from monsters
Whale +81-100 to Life
Winter Adds 5-9 minimum and 16-50 maximum Cold Damage for 5 seconds
Wizardry +16-20 to Energy
Wolf +11-20 to Life
Worth +1-2 to minimum Damage
Wraith 6-7% Mana Stolen per hit

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