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Act I Monsters - The Western Kingdoms
Act I, part 1Act I, part 2 Act I Uniques
Act II Monsters - The Deserts of Aranoch
Act II, part 1 Act II, part 2 Act II Uniques
Act III Monsters - Kehjistan and Kurast
Act III Act III Uniques
Act IV Monsters - The Pandemonium Fortress
Act IV Act IV Uniques
Act V Monsters - The Barbarian Highlands
Act V, part 1 Act V, part 2 Act V Uniques

When you place your cursor on a monster, it's name will be displayed, and the hit-point bar will indicate the percentage of hit points remaining.
In Nightmare games, monster levels are increased by 33; skill levels go up by 3 points, and unique monsters gain one bonus ability.
In Hell games, monster levels are increased by 66; skill levels go up by 7 points, and unique monsters gain two bonus abilities.
The difficulty level and number of experience points of a monster in a multiplayer game is multiplied by the number of players in the game.
Use doorways, passageways, and bridges to limit the number of monsters that can attack you at one time.

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