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Uber Diablo   

Key to Resistances
C   -  Cold D   -  Damage F   -  Fire L   -  Lightning M   -  Magic P   -  Poison

MonsterLevel Experience HitPoints Resistance
29 54 79
22759 107573 448866
5688 20500 49625
Izual casts Frost Nova

Hephasto the Armorer
MonsterLevel Experience HitPoints Resistance
25 50 75
1593 8412 36446
395 1520 3770
Extra Strong, Cursed, Magic Resistant

Grand Vizier of Chaos (Finger Mage)
MonsterLevel Experience HitPoints Resistance
Extra Stong, Fire Enchanted

Lord De Seis (Oblivion Knight)
MonsterLevel Experience HitPoints Resistance
Extra Strong, Aura Enchanted, Thief

Infector of Souls (Megademon)
MonsterLevel Experience HitPoints Resistance
Extra Fast, Spectral Hit

MonsterLevel Experience HitPoints Resistance
40 65 90
43420 151405 569765
5166 16415 37663
Diablo has Red Lightning Attack, Cold Melee Attack, Fire Ring Attack, Fire Wall Attack, and may cast Bone Prisons around you or your town portal.

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