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Act I Locations
Location Levels Waypoint
Rogue Encampment none yes
Blood Moor 1 cave level no
Cold Plains 2 cave levels yes
Burial Grounds 2 levels (Crypt, Mausoleum) no
Stony Field entry to Underground Passage yes
Tristram none no
Underground Passage 2 levels no
Dark Wood none yes
Black Marsh 2 levels (Hole)
5 levels (Forgotten Tower)
Tamoe Highland 2 levels (Pit) no
Monastery Gate none no
Outer Cloister none yes
Barracks none no
Jail 3 levels yes (level 1)
Inner Cloister none yes
Cathedral none no
Catacombs 4 levels yes (level 2)
Act II Locations
Location Levels Waypoint
Lut Gholein none yes
Sewers 3 levels yes (level 2)
Rocky Waste 2 levels (Stony Tomb) no
Dry Hills none yes
Halls of the Dead 3 levels yes (level 2)
Far Oasis none yes
Maggot Lair 3 levels no
Lost City 1 level (Ancient Tunnels) yes
Valley of Snakes 2 levels (Claw Viper Temple) no
Harem 2 levels no
The Palace Cellar 3 levels yes (level 1)
Arcane Sanctuary none yes
Canyon of the Magi 7 Tombs yes
Tal Rasha's Tomb none no
Tal Rasha's Chamber none no
Act III Locations
Location Levels Waypoint
Kurast Docks none yes
Spider Forest 1 level (Arachnid Lair) yes
Spider Cavern 1 level no
Great Marsh none yes
Flayer Jungle 3 levels (Swampy Pit) yes
Flayer Dungeon 3 levels no
Lower Kurast none yes
Kurast Bazaar 1 level (Ruined Temple, Disused Fane) yes
Sewers 2 levels no
Upper Kurast 1 level (Forgotten Temple, Reliquary) yes
Kurast Causeway 1 level (Disused Reliquary, Ruined Fane) no
Travincal none yes
Durance of Hate 3 levels yes (level 2)
Act IV Locations
Location Levels Waypoint
Pandemonium Fortress none yes
Outer Steppes none no
Plains of Despair none no
City of the Damned none yes
River of Flame none yes
Chaos Sanctuary none no
Act V Locations
Location Levels Waypoint
Harrogath none yes
Bloody Foothills none no
Frigid Highlands Abaddon yes
Arreat Plateau Pit of Acheron yes
Crystalline Passage Frozen River yes
Nihlathak's Temple none no
Halls of Anguish none no
Halls of Pain none yes
Halls of Vaught none no
Glacial Trail Drifter Caver yes
Frozen Tundra Infernal Pit yes
The Ancients' Way Icy Cellar yes
Arreat Summit none no
Worldstone Keep 3 yes (level 2)
Throne of Destruction none no
The Worldstone Chamber none no

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