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Uber Diablo   

Key to Resistances
C   -  Cold D   -  Damage F   -  Fire L   -  Lightning M   -  Magic P   -  Poison

Uber Diablo
Hit Points642700
Melee Attack 1130-247
Attack Rating 114043
Melee Attack 2143-299
Attack Rating 213064
% to Block50
Damage Resistance50%
Magic Resistance50%
Fire Resistance95%
Cold Resistance95%
Lightning Resistance95%
Poison Resistance95%
Uber Diablo is much stronger than Diablo. He only appears in Hell Difficulty games on the battle.net realms, after a certain number of Stones of Jordan have been sold to the merchants in town. He can appear in any act or location in the game, and just before he appears, your screen will shake and you will see the words "Diablo walks the earth" appear on your screen.

Players who have encountered him recommend that you have full Lightning and Fire Resistance, Physical Damage Reduction, and Fire or Lightning Absorption.

Diablo may cast Bone Prison around you or your hirelings or your Town Portals. His Red Lightning Attack results in half physical, half lightning damage. He has much higher Life, Resistances, and more powerful attacks than the Diablo you will find in Act IV. He also has the ability to cast his own version of Armageddon.

Uber Diablo uses these attacks: Fire Nova, Chaos Lightning, Cold Touch, Fire Wall, Firestorm, Bone Prison, Charge, Taunt, Armageddon.

Uber Diablo is the only monster that can drop the Annihilus Charm.

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