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Screenshots from Act III

In the Spider Forest, a barbarian uses battle cry against a thorned hulk

The flayers in the Jungle are not too happy with this amazon's multiple shot

Zombies and water watchers in the Kurast Sewers encounter a necromancer

A paladin in the Flayer Jungle

A sorceress uses enchant against creatures in the Flayer Jungle

An amazon uses immolation arrows

A necromancer visits Asheara

A paladin in Travincal, using thorns

In the Jungle, a sorceress encounters some flayers

In Lower Kurast, doom apes attack an amazon

A frost nova takes out flayers

In the Flayer Dungeon, an assassin sets lightning traps

A barbarian uses double swing

A paladin charges a thorned hulk in the jungle

A necromancer visits Hratli in Kurast

A sorceress uses blizzard in Lower Kurast

A paladin in Travincal

The Compelling Orb in Travincal

Smashing the Compelling Orb

Smashing the Compelling Orb

Smashing the Compelling Orb

A barbarian in the Spider Forest

Water Watchers attack a barbarian

A barbarian in the Flayer Dungeon

A barbarian in the Durance of Hate

The Compelling Orb in Travincal

A barbarian retrieves the Gidbinn Blade

Mephisto isn't too pleased with this barbarian's visit

A barbarian in the Flayer Jungle

A barbarian in the Flayer Jungle

A barbarian in Travincal

A barbarian in Travincal

A sorceress at the Swampy Pit

A barbarian in the Durance of Hate

A barbarian in the Durance of Hate

A barbarian in the Durance of Hate

An armor shrine in the Forgotten Reliquinary

The Durance of Hate

In the Durance of Hate, a druid uses volcano and bear against viper killers

Viper Killers in the Durance of Hate

Hmm... What the...

Uber Mephisto Drop!!

Ledzeppelin rules

My overweight barbarian

Barbarian will fight these minions!

Beware, once the plague begins it only ends when none are left standing

My Necro will destroy anything that comes its way.

I have MF

eye of sauron

Hmm, which to choose?

A Druid returning from Hell

Thats what you get with 45 % faster atk speed..FURY >:[

LOOk at The drops!!

Good drop

The earth is kind of hot...

The Treaure Of Kurast.

scary milabregas orb

i didn't know paladins were from another planet, well they are kinda "scary"

milabregas brain is still on his robe!!

the brain ring

my head has wasted away


i stand next to a pan of cannibals with 2 dead people

who says that its hard to kill mephisto?

Mephisto's mansion...HUGE!

some one duping

I'ma on fire blah blah blah same old same old...

I like that helmet! That is a nice helmet!

Don't mess with me liches!!

Only !!I!! can prevent forest-fires!!!

Yep- I"m hot!!

Council Fire

Where To?

Let's see how fast I can dodge these...

uber meph walks the earth


mephisto must die!

The map algorithm gone megalomaniac.

84 sorc solo hell mith face to face

owning a noob in hell

my sorc killing!!!!


Bored IN dII! Yes that's all gold

Sorceress using blizzard on Mephisto

Correction in your data for the Gimmershred Flying Axe - indeed found in Non-Ladder

im blocking diablo's way!

my family of vampires are all poisoned!

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