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Screenshots-Cow Level  |   Screenshots-Inventory
Screenshots from The Cow Level

An amazon visits the Cow Level

A Necromancer challenges the cows for a fight!


fair amount of life..

Oh my word its coming toward's us!!

This is my proud Necro using Iron maiden against evil cows!!!

Plutons is my proud Necro killing a lotta cowz!



The necro only needs his blood golem to Kill Them



Cows lie down when lightning strikes.

Who let the cows out?

All hail the bovine King.

The King looks cold.

Thanks Cow Mom

Line Up, Kid~ It's Field Trip Time~~

hehe after u iron maiden the cows, and set lots of walls they can kill themselves

Paladin amid treasure 8'P

Whos the boss now?


I like eggs

Got milk?

A necromancer having fun with the cows.

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