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Cow Level
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The Secret Cow Level
Remember all those times in Tristram, when you walked over to the cows, and clicked on them, just for the heck of it? Well, the cows haven't forgotten about it, and they want revenge!

How do I get there?
After you have defeated Diablo (or Baal, if you're playing the expansion), start a new game, in the same difficulty level that you just completed...if you just killed Diablo in a Normal game, start a Normal game..if you just killed him in a nightmare game, start a nightmare game. Using the Waypoint system, portal back to the Rogue Encampment in Act I (click on the tabs at the top of the Waypoint menu to get to other Acts).

Place a Tome of Town Portal, and Wirt's PegLeg (you should have picked it up when you were in Tristram, rescuing Cain.) in the Horadric Cube and transmute. A portal will be opened, which will lead you to the Cow level.  In the original version of the game, you could access the Cow Level multiple times; however, Blizzard has changed this in subsequent updates to the game, so that now the level can only be accessed once per difficulty level, so a character can only get there a total of three times. UNLESS you do not kill the Cow King. If you can manage to avoid killing the Cow King, you will be able to repeat the level.

What will I find there?
Boatloads of cows, bunches of cows, groups of cows, herds of cows, a veritable convention of cows who want to party, and you're the entertainment!!!

Are they nice Cows?
They're Hell Bovines, with Polearms, and they aren't exactly happy to see you.

How big is the level?
It isn't a very large area, but there are an incredible number of cows in it.  You may also encounter some Champion Hell Bovines, and will find The Cow King, who is magic resistant and lightning enchanted.

So what do I do?
Kill all the cows and The Cow King. (sure, no problem, just do your best impression of the Butcher from Diablo I!!!!)

And what do I get for it?
The cows tend to drop unique and set items, and The Cow King will drop one rare item, one magic item, and a number of Stamina potions.

Anyone for a Barbeque?????

Name Level Experience Hit Points Resistance
Hell Bovine
28 53 78
80 391 1646
77-165 282-604 686-1470
none none none
Cow King
31 56 81
400 1955 8230
616-1320 2256-4832 5488-11760

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