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Act I Townsfolk

Name Image Purpose
Akara Akara Rogue priestess, the spiritual leader of the Sisters of the Sightless Eye.  Sells staves, potions, scrolls, and keys.
Cain Cain A wise man, knowledgeable about Horadrim history. After you rescue him, he will identify items for free.
Charsi Charsi Rogue blacksmith.  Sells and repairs armor and weapons.
Flavie Flavie Rogue guard, who will warn you of the dangers beyond the Blood Moor.
Gheed Gheed A merchant, who sells weapons, armor, and potions. If you feel lucky, you can gamble with him for an unidentified item.
Kashya Kashya The military leader of the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. After you gain her trust, you can hire Rogue Mercenaries from her.
Warriv Warriv A caravan leader, who will take you to the East to Act II, once you have completed Act I.

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