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Druid Pelts
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Druid Pelts can have a bonus of +1-3 to Druid Skill Levels,
and can only be worn by Druids.

Normal Druid Pelts

Wolf Head
  Defense: 8-11
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 16
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 3

Hawk Helm
  Defense: 4-15
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 20
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 6

  Defense: 18-24
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 24
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 12

Falcon Mask
  Defense: 12-28
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 28
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 15

Spirit Mask
  Defense: 22-35
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 30
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 18

Exceptional Druid Pelts

Alpha Helm
  Defense: 52-62
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 44
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 26

Griffon Headress
  Defense: 46-68
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 50
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 30

Hunter's Guise
  Defense: 67-81
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 56
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 29

Sacred Feathers
  Defense: 58-87
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 62
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 32

Totemic Mask
  Defense: 73-98
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 65
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 41

Elite Druid Pelts

Blood Spirit
  Defense: 101-145
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 86
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 46

Sun Spirit
  Defense: 98-147
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 95
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 51

Earth Spirit
  Defense: 107-152
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 104
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 57

Sky Spirit
  Defense: 103-155
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 113
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 62

Dream Spirit
  Defense: 109-159
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 118
  Sockets: 3
  Req Level: 66

Unique Druid Pelts

Jalal's Mane
Totemic Mask
  Defense: 247-297
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 65
  Req Level: 42
  +150-200% Enhanced Defense
  30% Faster Hit Recovery
  20% bonus to Attack Rating
  +2 to Druid Skills
  +30 to all Resistances
  +5 to Mana after each kill
  +20 to Strength
  +2 to Shapeshifting Skills
  +20 to Energy
  found in v1.09 or later

Cerebus' Bite
Blood Spirit
  Defense: 335-350
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 86
  Req Level: 63
  +130-140% Enhanced Defense
  60-120% Bonus to Attack Rating
  7-10% Life Stolen per Hit
  33% Chance of Open Wounds
  +2-4 to Shape Shifting Skills (Druid only)
  +1-2 to Feral Rage (Druid only)
  Originally was Ladder only, but has been reportedly found in single player games
  found in v1.10 or later

Spirit Keeper
Earth Spirit
  Defense: 413-443
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 104
  Req Level: 67
  +170-190% Enhanced Defense
  +1-2 to Druid Skills
  +20% Faster Hit Recovery
  +10% to Maximum Poison Resist
  +30-40% Fire Resist
  +9-14% Lightning Absorb
  15-25% Cold Absorb
  found in v1.10 or later

Sky Spirit
  Defense: 343-390
  Durability: 20
  Req Strength: 113
  Req Level: 74
  +120-150% Enhanced Defense
  +7 to Raven (Druid only)
  +3 to Elemental Skills (Druid only)
  +20-30 to Energy
  -10-20% to Enemy Fire Resistance
  +15-25 to all Resistances
  found v1.10 or later

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