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Amulets will be found with one or two Magical Attributes, and will have one of the following images:

Rings will be found with one or two Magical Attributes, and will have one of the following images:

Unique Amulets

Nokozan Relic
  Req Level: 10
  +3 to Light Radius
  +10% to max Fire Resist
  +20% Faster Hit Recovery
  +50% Fire Resist
  Adds 3-6 Fire Damage<
  found in v1.09 or later

The Eye of Etlich
  Req Level: 15
  +1-5 to Light Radius
  +1 to Skill Levels
  3-7% Life stolen per hit
  Adds 1-5 Cold Damage for 2-10 sec
  +10-40 Defense vs. Missles
  found in any patch

The Mahim-Oak Curio
  Req Level: 25
  +10 Defense
  +10 to Vitality, Dexterity, Energy, and Strength
  +10% Enhanced Defense
  +10% bonus to Attack Rating
  +10 to all Resistances
  found in v1.09 or later

Saracen's Chance
  Req Level: 47
  10% chance to cast level 2 Iron Maiden when struck
  +15-25 to All Resistances
  +12 to Dexterity, Strength, Vitality, and Energy
  found in v1.09 or later

The Cat's Eye
  Req Level: 50
  +30% Faster Run/Walk
  +100 Defense against missles
  +100 Defense
  +25 to Dexterity
  +20% Increased Attack Speed
  found in v1.09 or later

Crescent Moon
  Req Level: 50
  10% Damage taken goes to Mana
  3-6% Life stolen per hit
  -2 to Light Radius
  11-15% Mana stolen per hit
  Magic Damage is reduced by 10
  +45 to Mana
  found in v1.09 or later

Atma's Scarab
  Req Level: 60
  5% chance to cast level 2 Amplify Damage on striking
  20% bonus to Attack Rating
  +3 to Light Radius
  +75% Poison Resist
  Attacker takes damage of 5
  +40 Poison Damage over 4 sec
  found in v1.09 or later

The Rising Sun
  Req Level: 65
  2% chance to cast level 13-19 Meteor when struck
  +2 to Fire Skills
  +10 Replenish Life
  +4 to Light Radius
  Adds 24-48 Fire Damage
  Adds 0.75 per character level to Fire Absorb
  found in v1.10 or later

Highlord's Wrath
  Req Level: 65
  +20% Increased Attack Speed
  +1 to all Skill Levels
  +35% Lightning Resist
  Adds 1-30 Lightning Damage
  +0.375 per character level to Deadly Strike
  Attacker takes Lightning damage of 15
  found in v1.09 or later

Mara's Kaleidoscope
  Req Level: 67
  +2 to all Skill Levels
  +20-30 to all Resistances
  +5 to Energy
  +5 to Vitality
  +5 to Dexterity
  +5 to Strength
  found in v1.09 or later

Seraph's Hymn
  Req Level: 65
  +2 to all Skill
  +1-2 to Defense Auras (Paladin only)
  +20-50% Damage to Demons
  +150-250 to Attack Rating vs. Demons
  +20-50% Damage to Undead
  +150-250 to Attack Rating vs. Undead
  +2 to Light Radius
  Ladder only
  found in v1.10 or later

  Req Level: 81
  +400-450 to Attack Rating
  11 Charges Level 22 Iron Golem
  20 Charges Level 12 Iron Maiden
  +25-35 to all Resistances
  +300-350 Defense
  Ladder only
  found in v1.10 or later

Unique Rings

  Req Level: 7
  Magic Damage reduced by 3
  +50-75 to Attack Rating
  Attacker takes 3 Damage
  15-30% better chance of getting magic item
  found in v1.09 or later

Manald Heal
  Req Level: 15
  4-7% Mana stolen per hit
  +5-8 Replenish Life
  20% Regenerate Mana
  +20 to Life
  found in v1.09 or later

Stone of Jordan
  Req Level: 29
  +1 to all Skill levels
  Increase max Mana 25%
  Adds 1-12 Lightning damage
  +20 to Mana
  found in any patch

Dwarf Star
  Req Level: 45
  Magic Damage reduced by 12-15
  +15% heal Stamina
  +40 to maximum Stamina
  +40 to Life
  15% Fire Absorb
  100% extra gold from Monsters
  found in v1.09 or later

Raven Frost
  Req Level: 45
  +150-250 to Attack Rating
  +15-20 to Dexterity
  +40 to Mana
  20% Cold Absorb
  Cannot be frozen
  Adds 15-45 Cold Damage for 4 sec
  found in v1.09 or later

Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
  Req Level: 58
  +1 to all Skill Levels
  3-5% Life stolen per hit
  +50 to maximum Stamina
  +0.5 per character level to Life
  found in v1.09 or later

Carrion Wind
  Req Level: 60
  10% Chance to Cast Level 10 Poison Nova when struck
   8% Chance to Cast Level 13 Twister on striking
  6-9% Life Stolen per Hit
  +100-160 Defense vs. Missile
  +55% Poison Resist
  10% Damage taken goes to Mana
  15 Charges Level 21 Poison Creeper
  found in v1.10 or later

Nature's Peace
  Req Level: 69
  Slain Monsters Rest in Peace
  Prevent Monster Heal
  +20-30% Poison Resist
  Damage Reduced by 7-11
  27 Charges Level 5 Oak Sage
  Ladder only
  found in v1.10 or later

Wisp Projector
  Req Level: 76
  10% Chance to Cast Level 16 Lightning Bolt on striking
  10-20% Lightning Absorb
  10-20% better chance for getting Magic Items
  11 Charges Level 7 Spirit of Barbs
  13 Charges Level 5 Heart of Wolverine
  15 Charges Level 2 Oak Sage
  found in v1.10 or later

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